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buh bye 2007.

\\highs & lows of 2007//

(in no particular order)

interning at apex. road tripping to ikea with katie. the nehemiah series. my nephew turning 3. sitting outside starbucks til 3am talking theology. the van ride to west virginia for ski trip. finding out my sister is pregnant. frapp’s at the dayton mall starbucks w/ kris, corey, john, or any combination of the 3. letting go of the past. leading the senior girls home group. best friend bonding over nose piercings. 3 friends here gave birth to 3 beautiful babies. sitting around bubbe’s house where all is right with the world. movie nights with kp. discovering passion fruit & green tea smoothies at caribou. going to michigan with katie to visit matthew & see him perform in “the prodigal”. road trip w/ heather to tennessee to watch kristen graduate. seeing dave barnes in concert twice & matt wertz once. showing my family around dayton. being offered & accepting an internship at a church in st. louis.



my grandpa being in a coma for a month and a half or so after his kidney transplant. living in ohio during an entire winter. one of my dad’s best friends was killed in a car accident. i realized how shady & not so much fun the world of retail can be. my senior girls graduated and arent youth anymore. jason & rachel left youth ministry (low for me.. high for them :) driving in a lot of snow for the first time. my car having to go in the shop twice.
2007 has been such an interesting year.
full of new & old friendships. road trips. concerts. (not enough) studying. apex. retreats, camps, re:unions, 5200’s, and whatever its called now ;), home groups & laughter & starbucks. visits to home and wondering where home is these days. loving people & students & Jesus and figuring out what it really means to love. letting go of the past & looking forward to the future. knowing that God is sovereign & works all things out for His glory. thankful that He allows me to be part of His story. hoping to realize even more in 2008 that its not about me. hoping that 08 holds a humble spirit, a servants heart, a renewed passion, and more… so much more.. of Jesus. blessings to you and yours. happy new year.



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