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blissful summer.

summer is (unfortunately) coming to an end.
and ill be honest.. mine was pretty great!

some of my favorite moments
:: stopping at the new caribou every tuesday, thursday, and sunday morning for a passion fruit & green tea smoothie.:: driving down mad river road any time at all. but especially the time that corey and i drove up and down it with the windows down while listening to U2 when we should have been working.

:: sitting outside dayton mall Starbucks drinking frappacinos with kristen, jon, corey and/or any combination of the 3 while talking about anything from star wars (yawn) to theology to movie soundtracks to 80’s music.

:: arguing with corey about anything and everything and listening to his neverending comeback anytime reformed theology got brought up — “im john calvin & i kill people who dont agree with me.”

:: sitting on the sidewalk outside of centerville starbucks til 2am bonding with jon over our random sense of humor & love for all things theological.

:: road trip to michigan to shop at IKEA for the new student rooms with katie roe while pulling a UHaul trailer with jasons 4runner. such a great day.

:: 5200. our summer programming. learning more about foundational theology. seeing our amazing team of leaders be amazing. the bands that shared their gifts with our students in such a humble way. getting the grace of leading the last month & seeing even more firsthand how God puts everything together. being humbled by the way our team works hard, works together, and works for no recognition or praise.

:: the nehemiah series. being kicked in the butt week after week. realizing that i have so much to learn.

:: talking theology with other staff folk at apex. but especially with rob & jason. “does it have anything to do with calvinism?”

:: realizing again that i cannot accept blessing from God without adversity… and also that i cannot tell God when enough is enough. learning again how to trust that He is in control and will bring me through when He is finished using this to grow me & make me more like Himself.

:: thanking my Abba for bringing me here. to ohio. to apex. the last place i thought i would truly end up. for blessing me with these times. with these people. and somehow.. in some way.. making all that led up to this point a way that He continues to grow me more in His grace.


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